NLP *Delete* *Distort* *Generalize* (We All Do It : )

*Delete* *Distort* *Generalize*

We do this all day long and I want you to be mindfully aware after today : )

*Delete* *Distort* *Generalize*

Let’s talk about that *delete* thing …

Anything you have no frame of reference for will just be deleted by your mind … and I do mean anything ….

Watch this …

Yep … your mind wasn’t looking for gorillas so it simply looked for what it was asked to look for …
‘selective attention’ is exactly the crux of the ‘Delete* factor …

An interesting video test to watch, yes?

Hmmm, are you wondering how we *Distort* now?!

I’ll explain it like this, we are taking in wayyy too much information constantly,
so we tend to look at everyday things that may occur and see them much the way we did in the ‘selective attention test” video …
we didn’t see the gorillas so we would likely describe this experience as watching a ball get passed around and we might even distort how many times (less or more, minimize or exaggerate) based on ‘where we’re at’ that day  – or, as I call it, the ‘life variables’ of the day.

… this is my own theory and the ‘Life Variables’ term was coined by moi …

(feel free to delete or distort it!) …

When we look at an ‘event’ that we are seeing through our own eyes and experiencing in real time, we bring to the situation all of what may have occurred just prior to THIS event and that MAY determine where we were ‘at’ emotionally that day …

There are other factors involved in the ‘Life Variables’ equation,
such as: how your feeling physically, was the event expected/total surprise, etc ..


…and that’s why I call them ‘life variables’ because we have all had instances of coming back
to look at an event after a nights sleep and it ‘looked’ and felt different to us …
the life variables had changed, and you probably got some rest and space to look at it from another vantage point …

And we have all made observations of others, such as: ‘he looks depressed, (bc) he just got laid off (hmm, he may be looking serious but he could be feeling relief and a sense of new found freedom to become an entrepreneur, ‘we’ are simply distorting based on what we think he might be feeling) … capice?

Or, hmmm … do you need more examples because you generalized this one as ‘not very good’ … lol …

We actually do not know exactly the meaning of anything, except the meaning we assign it and we could always ask.
I’m referring now to the ‘him’  – the man in example above –  just how does he feel about being laid off?

… and he may delete, distort or generalize his own story …

you see how this works …

And, it’s all day, everyday …

& now for my personal favorite: the *Generalize* it factor

This is most definitely the part that wants to categorize EVERYTHING and again, that’s because we are taking in SO much information, always, that we (our subconscious) needs to figure out where to file this ‘new’ bit of info you’re taking in so the first thing it does is – an ‘archive’ search …

Think: spinning beach ball here (just like on your computer desktop : )

*beep, do we already have any info on this topic, beep*

And, if you find that you do, your subconscious pulls out that file drawer and sees if this new info
can be lumped in with something you already have in there, even if it has to modify a titch …
(let’s talk about revisiting and revising these ‘files’ another time!) …
so you will lean towards ‘generalizing’ on topics you know a little something about …

Even totally ‘New Info’ will scan your subconscious mind for some kind of ‘it’s like this’ pattern …

Example: I don’t know how to build a house, though if someone brought up ‘studs’ my mind would probably first go to my ‘buff men’ archive
(just kidding, we were talking about HOUSE studs, though if you left that word out, then maybe that would occur : )

…next it would scan for what I know about ‘houses & studs’ if anything at all …

and again, it would either pull up an existing archive file drawer to scan and update OR I would have to listen carefully to new information
(constantly scanning for frames of references, so I could generalize or distort)

… and while learning new things it’s very easy to delete accidentally until conscious
and concentrated effort are applied to start a brand new filing drawer!

It’s actually easy to work with your subconscious …

you only need to tap into HOW …

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Cheers, Zen

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info on how my mind works! I find this fascinating and it gives me hope to see that you understand this and I can learn to work with it. – Amy Hinz Sweet

    • Lillian Devin

      I’m here for you, my friend, you need anything specific addressed I will blog it, vlog it or just answer you

  • Helen Lingard

    Find this fascinating ..have done some NLP in the past but never really delved into tis…

    • Lillian Devin

      Helen, it is fascinating stuff … what makes people tick has always intrigued me, been studying NLP and other psychology material forever, I’m happy to share it!

  • Reply

    Zen I love this information too and have been around it for a long time but not as a practitioner like you. I worked with Robert Kiyosaki running his Australia and New Zealand office. He of course uses NLP so I am very familiar with it but love your explanations. Thank you.

    • Lillian Devin

      Wow, Sue, you worked with the man! Good for you and I’m so glad you found some value on my words, after working with him, I’m extremely flattered and thrilled that you enjoyed this so much : )

  • Reply

    Amazing value just oozes out of you Zen….. I’m looking forward to scooping up more of it.

  • Reply

    Holy crap! Where the heck did that gorilla come from??? You’ve just blown me away Zen! Loving these posts!

  • Chantae Pennell

    Wow this was some really great information! And I agree with Shaun 🙂

    • Lillian Devin

      Thank you Chantae, I’m glad you got something from this blog post!

  • Kristin Procanick

    Very interesting and intriguing. Amazing how our mind works – great value in this post. Thank you.

    • Lillian Devin

      Isn’t it Kristin, imagine not seeing a gorilla bc your focus was elsewhere?!

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