Do You Believe and Embody YOUR Desired Outcome?

Do You Believe and Embody YOUR Desired Outcome?

Let’s define our terms here first …

be·lieve >>>  I LUV this >>> /biˈlēv/ *it’s a verb!*1.accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.

    1. “the superintendent believed Lancaster’s story”
    1. synonyms:be convinced by, trust, have confidence in, 
    1. consider honest, consider truthful
      •  2.hold (something) as an opinion; think or suppose.
    1. “I believe we’ve already met”
    1. synonyms:think, be of the opinion that, have an idea that, imagine, suspect,suppose, assume, presume, take it, conjecture, surmise, conclude,deduce, understand, 
  1. be given to understand, gather, fancy, guess,dare say


em·bod·y >>> LOL >>> emˈbädē/ *Again, It’s a verb*

    1. an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).
    1. “a team that embodies competitive spirit and skill”
    1. synonyms:personify, realize, manifest, symbolize, represent, express, concretize, epitomize, stand for, typify, exemplify; ALL GREAT WORDS, AM I RIGHT
      •  2.include or contain (something) as a constituent part.
    1. “the changes in law embodied in the Freedom of Information Act”
  1. synonyms:incorporate, include, contain, encompass


I’m going to add a few words about Law of Attraction here to …
because it’s a bit (a lot) like Gravity, you don’t have to believe in IT for it to work,
it simply does…work…

The ONLY thing your mind requires is Belief in your outcome and as I state in the video,
your mind will take that desired outcome and present to you the things to do to get there
because your mind is like a computer and it will calculate what needs to be done to get you where you want to do …

… and the universe starts conspiring to assist as well …

So, just for review about that question:

Do You Believe and Embody YOUR Desired Outcome?

I’m going to suggest that you BELIEVE, Embody, Take Action,
‘Set Your Intention and Forget It’ just get on with your life knowing that you shall –  RECEIVE
If you BELIEVE that there’s an easier way to live life your way

You’re Right!

Cheers, till next time, 


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