Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are…

…how you carry yourself,

where your eyes move when your speaking,

your usage of specific words in your vocabulary…


and definitely is a factor in your energy,

and ability to ‘Invite Abundance’ into your life!

**and definitely tells the world a story about the real you, too!


Allow me to give you some visuals…and simple as they are,

they give others a glimpse into who you are…

BEFORE you ever even open your mouth!


Now, depending on where a persons eyes and posture are held, 

that will also tell a brief story,

by the time they uses words of power and persuasion (or not),

we will have already decided if they’re someone we can trust,

whether they’re an authority on the subject they speaks on and …

her/his personal self confidence. 


…and that is the visceral experience of your body language, 

of everyone’s body language.


I often ‘people watch’ and make excellent guesses ….

about people’s character and…

I’m especially good at guessing where they are ‘at’ with who they’re with…

I’m watching their body movements, muscle tension, eyes/facial expressions, etc…

try it yourself, it’s interesting …

once you’ve dialed in what body and eye movement and patterns means.

(and please never do this at anyone’s expense,

in fact, please use it only to help…if you share your observations at all)


Whenever we put our arms in front of us …

we are exposing that we are ‘guarded’ on some level.

It could be that we aren’t even that conscious of this behavior…

and often you tell someone’s level of personal comfort, 

while speaking on stage, for instance, 

by a closed (folded arms) or an open stance (arms by sides).


Most people tend to fluctuate between the two …

so really listen closely when someone’s speaking from the closed position.


Now, let’s chat about your eyes…




….if you’ve not heard of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming…

it is helpful in getting visual cues into body language …

and your eye patterns tell a story, 

and I do want you to know that guessing …

about when people are lying based on body language and eye movement,

it is Highly UNreliable, just bear that in mind,

it’s been written about since the 70’s …

and still people think they can gauge lying.

(Disclaimer: you may be correct once or twice …

but other body movements may have a factor in that) 


What you can start to notice is when people are accessing memories,

visually, auditory or is lodged in a visceral (feeling) place.

So next time someone tells you a story and they look up, 

they’re visualizing, 

and eyes moving back and forth or just left/right,

they are in sound/voice recall, 

and if they are looking down…

they are in a ‘feeling’ place,

connecting with an emotional experience of a situation…


All you need to do to ‘reframe’ your story,

to gain trust with people, to feel confident, 

and to connect with others in a helpful way…

is shift your physiology! 


I didn’t always know this,

and there was a time … in my teens,

when I used to bend my tall body by standing hip and leg extended,

to bring myself lower and closer to where other people stood,

until I realized I wasn’t revealing who I really was…

how could I if I’m trying to be less of who I am?


My twenties were about ‘live and learn’ and improving myself,

So I stand tall now…and love every moment of it.


Now, you may not be ‘tall’ but you are certainly something, 

in some area of your being, life, body…

in that area, stand tall…

I did and you can, too.


Start telling your story,

about your life, 

about your passions, 

about sharing things and experiences …

that could be helpful to others,

even if its just one person…

isn’t that a good feeling?


I hope this was helpful and you understand just a little bit more

why standing up straight and breathing deep

is the start of changing your state.

Here’s another post that might be helpful:

Peace & Abundance,

Zen Lill

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  • Kristin Procanick

    I have never put a lot of thought into my body language or even really reading other peoples. Some of what you mention — I remember learning at one point and some of the basics I do notice in other people or when I am doing it. Especially when I am feeling insecure, defensive, or closed off — this is when I pay attention to my body language. Very interesting — I need to do more learning on all of this!

    • Zen Devin

      It’s good to at least be aware of yourself when it feels sketchy to you, that’s a great start, Kristin, thanks for sharing that. XO, Zen

  • Sue Price

    I have done some NLP in varous trainings I have done along the way and so I am familiar with the stats and body language. I do the eyes up visual recall thing and see it in my videos. I did not know I did it so much until I started shooting viideos. 🙂 Thanks Zen awesome post.

    • Zen Devin

      I know, Sue, me too…really looking up high to get in those archives of this brain of mine also! Xo, Zen

  • chris johnson

    Way cool Zen…NLP is a real science, so body language is the biggest slice of the pie, I got to watch where i am pointing my finger, its become a habit when videoing, great post cheers!

    • Zen Devin

      hahaha I point in my videos sometimes, too, Chris. It usually just means “I am talking to YOU” … lol. XO, Zen

  • Stevie-Lee and Bobby

    Awesome post Zen, this reminds me where we worked previously we used to always play charades because body language really is one of the strongest ways of getting a message across and infuencing others 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Zen 🙂

    • Zen Devin

      Thanks Stevie-Lee and Bobby, appreciate you coming by to comment and I luv that charades idea! xo, Zen

  • Shaun Trewern

    I love to ‘people watch’. I studied this a little bit when I was 18 or 19 and it’s amazing how often you can pick up exactly what a person is thinking with no words at all! 🙂 It’s also very useful knowledge to have when you are engaging with others. Great info here Zen, thanks for sharing!

    • Zen Devin

      Very Very useful Shaun, and we take in more than even think we do! Thanks for coming by, XO, Zen

  • Erica Udeanu

    I love NLP and I love that you’re bringing so much NLP content to your blog. I studied it way back in my 20’s but totally lost touch with it in my 30’s … so it’s nice to have a refresher course when I visit your blog posts. Fascinating how much of our communication in non-verbal isn’t it!

    • Zen Devin

      It’s actually shocking if you think about those numbers, 7% are the actual words, so your personal power is all about your stance/carriage and delivery!

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