Wait, What, Why Hypnosis?

Why Hypnosis?

A legitimate question for anyone to ask, right?

Hypnosis works because basically all your ‘loops of thinking’
and beliefs are embedded in your ‘life script’ between the ages of birth – 9,
after that your critical mind starts setting filters based on your past associations with things/people/situations…
and hypnosis allows both your conscious and subconscious to be ‘in the room’ together…
but I’m getting into the preparation of a real session here now : )

There’s been much studying of how people ‘change’ done in traditional schools of psychology
and psychotherapy though when it comes to things like fears and phobias,
they found it a very hit or miss approach.

Hypnosis, however, provided much higher success rates
and Neuro Linguistic Programming provided more insight into how this actually works…

From Richard Bandler’s original research, take a listen:

Hypnosis and NLP

Profound changes, quickly and easily, did you hear that part?

My personal feelings about hypnotherapy is that it often is so quick and easy that a few things occur:

1. People scoff at it, because ‘if it works so quickly and easily why aren’t more therapists using the techniques’?
Ah, great question.
Most traditional talk therapy is relationship based (and insurance billed) and so you combine repetition with paid services,
is it nice to talk out your thoughts and get some ‘life skills’ in your ‘toolbox’ –
yes, that’s what cognitive behavioral therapy is good at, and sometimes, it aids with changes.

Though as I mentioned above, real change must take place in your ‘life script’ which is imprinted in your subconscious,
without access to the subconscious through hypnosis techniques (and there are several varieties used for various purposes),
it’s difficult to produce lasting and profound positive change or improvements.

2. People have to be ready for that positive change to occur, yes, I mean this.
A smoker or nail biter will always say they don’t want to do ‘it’ anymore
though as the hypnotist you must dig in and find the urge/need,
the action and feeling there and the replacement behavior,
and then – voila’ – true changes do occur.


~ Zen

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