What’s Your Perspective on Life | We ARE Always Judging

What’s Your Perspective on Life is a good question,

isn’t it?

We all have our ‘opinions’ and ‘judgments’ …

which basically gives us our personal preferences,

our values, our this n that…

and that’s all good,

as long as (just My opinion) …

you allow others to: Live and Let Live.

**we all have a world view and mine is above and my PS’s are Bomb : )


Here’s Abraham Hick’s two cents on the matter…

I know, it’s 14 minutes,

but it’ll fill you in on so many things you may just breeze by in life …

It’s what she’s so good at, so she and I won’t apologize for the length,

it’ll be life changing if you allow it to be.

…AND…That’s why I’m such a huge fan of hers : )

Attention to ‘IT’ activates ‘IT’ …

she includes some self love tips also.

I love it and a she does a ‘positive energy’ rampage…

just for the heck of it,

…feel free to use it and remember to always,

Invite Abundance!

I love being able to voice my opinions here,

whether or not anyone agrees, 

It’s only about cultivating a movement of freedom …

to live life your own way…

…not MY way based on MY values, 

only based on your values,

and doesn’t that sound liberating?

That’s my opinion, do you agree/disagree ? 

Please comment and let me know!

and read this post, too… http://lilliandevin.com/expect-things-to-go-well/



I know you know my legal name is Lillian, right?
Though I do LUV my nickname, how about you?

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  • Erica Udeanu

    “Live and Let Live” … wouldn’t it be a wonderful world we lived in if we could all abide by this way of thinking.

    Incredible video Zen … thank you for putting it on my radar today. Just loved it!

    • Zen Devin

      thanks E and yes, I loved that video myself, just had to share! XO

  • helenlingard

    Love AH – and yes we are always judging. not always good or bad..

    • Zen Devin

      it’s just natural for humans to do this…as long as we acknowledge it is coming from our own ‘world view’ so our judgements and prejudices are not the truth either, just our truth : )

  • Kristin Procanick

    Thank you for sharing! I am going to sit and go through this video. So much value!!

    • Zen Devin

      oh it’s a good one, well worth setting aside 15 minutes for…thanks, Kristin

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