Venting & Resistance | Quit Bitchin’ and SKI

Venting & Resistance are OKAY?!

Venting … serves a purpose!

Venting can purge out negative emotion, in a hurry
and with a Fury…so I just say, pick your intimate friends well
because what you’re looking for is the purge,
not the glomming onto of the gory details OF your purge
and only a true friend can be trusted to do THAT!

What we don’t want is the details exaggerated…

What we don’t want is the details distorted….

What we don’t want is the details generalized…

What we don’t want is the details memorized.

What we DO want is to PURGE the emotions
that occurred in those moments ABOUT the details,
many of which may or may not be true as often happens after first reactions
are explored further and evolve…
into OTHER details with different emotions.

Vent with good friends who don’t hold you to every detail
and emotion you expressed.

…it’s feeling and then letting go of the negative vibes we are after,
if you can or want to, you can accompany this with some movement,
some people do a dance off, or a primal scream off,
or some other effective and whole body experience venting,
it’s up to you and your friend(s).

Your close friends know…emotions can be fleeting…
so Vent, Purge and allow them to FLEE!

Wait, Resistance is OKAY, too?!

Yes, resistance serves a purpose also.

It shows us up close and personal what we believe we don’t WANT to do…

It shows us up close and personal what we believe we shouldn’t HAVE to do…

It shows us up close and personal what is HOLDING US BACK…

It’s not a knock to anyone, though if your personal NO filter is always activated,
it’s tough to get to the core of you and that’s OK.

It is?!?!

Well, yes, because by acknowledging that you have it,
it gives you the chance to do 2 things,
Face and Deal with it OR stay adamant about it and rationalize why…
and either one is fine!

“That which you are seeking…is seeking you” ~ Rumi

If you are not seeking to sort out your resistance,
why you have it, to what kinds of thoughts,
and hoo boy, what if you actually have to ‘forgive’ or let go of thoughts about someone…
that you actually kind of like blaming for a little (or a lot) of your this ‘n’ that in life,
well, now you can at least acknowledge that you’re doing that and it’s a start…
or a dead end, if you wish…

I only suggest or **’forgiving’
that’s why, it’s not to say your mother/father/brother/other…was right in what they said/did/do,
no, not at all…it’s not about that or the situation.

It IS about doing things that serve YOU moving forward in life!

**(you’ll have to read my take on forgiveness to understand why I put the ‘ marks around it)




Quit Bitchin’ and SKI

Years ago, I had a t-shirt with that old classic couple that held a pitchfork between them
and on the front is said these words, “Quit Bitchin’ and SKI”

It is the Zen art of ‘allowing’ your venting & resistance to come out and play…
and then, QUIT BITCHIN’ and SKI…

of course, it’s a life analogy…lol…

and I think it gets negated a lot,
again, there’s a purpose…
to the venting, to the resistance and to the getting to the ‘ski’ if you catch my drift…

Sometimes, venting about the painfully obvious ‘down sides’ sloughs off
Annoyance or FEAR…it gives it a voice and in that voice,
YOU can identify if what you’re saying is TRUE for YOU
or if it suddenly feels, well, like just bitching/kvetching/venting…

…and then you get on with the activity and life…
or not, because maybe in the venting you found that whatever it is…
isn’t of value in some meaningful way
or isn’t worth your time
or isn’t congruent with your current belief system…

I have always vented about ski conditions, then let it go and chose to ski or not!

I have had life events occur during which a good venting,
a dose of resistance to examine and ultimately,
and a choice to ‘Quit Bitchin’ and ski’ (or not), haven’t you??

…and those choices are, but not limited to:
Keep telling the same story and carry on with inner resistance and the need to keep venting.
OR change that story through ‘positive reframing’ and take on the mountain!

Cheers, till next time,


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they are the strongest sense trigger to the subconscious mind!
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