This is for me … How do we get started?

Hypnotherapy/Life Coaching Sessions for you…

Just so you know,
Your first session is usually one hour and fifteen minutes,
and we’ll go over your answers to some questions
I will send you via email prior to your scheduled appointment.

If you find answering written questions challenging,
no worries at all, we can go over some of it during your session
though it’s beneficial to get to the space where we can do the work
(Katie Byron does not have that term copyrighted,
and it’s always rewarding to feel you getting the effects
and implementing your part as quickly as possible.

That ‘implementing’ will depend on what we uncover during our time together
and can include listening to the custom recorded hypnosis every morning and evening
for 5-7 days, and possibly some other ‘homework’ that will lead to positive
and life enhancing inner experiences for you.

Everything affects everything else and our interactions
will be the same in terms of how much or how often we work together
and that will depend on your specific needs.

Most clients require 3-6 sessions for reinforcement
and we can determine together whether one of my pre-structured packages
would work for you or if we need to create a custom hypnosis/NLP/life coaching series
that will benefit you best.

Email me here to get information to set up your consultation and first session
** please write ‘Hypnotherapy/Life Coaching Consultation’ in subject line

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