Things Don’t Always Go Your Way | How Things Always Work Out

I read an article a while back about regret/denial …

I’m going to paraphrase the essence of it, because I read sooo much…

…and research sooo much, I have no way of citing this particular write…!

So here’s the nutshell version…

…the ‘experts’ stated two things I agree with … to a great degree:

1. not everything you set out to do works out… (and for a variety of reasons, but see #2) …


2. it’s likely it was your fault … this made me laugh …

because this would definitely depend on how willing,

and open someone is to honest self examination ….

and that’s not many people.   It’s so much easier to just pass the buck…

in the blame arena, isn’t it?   Or just overlook obvious signs, (and yes, we have all done this).

Now, that information could be taken in a harsh way …

or you could just realize that…

sometimes the 2 (see above) don’t occur together.


In one scenario, some ‘thing’ didn’t work out and you ARE at fault,

hmmm, see how harsh a reality that is?

Although, once faced, you could change things next time around.


And in the other scenario, ‘things’ didn’t work out …

and there was just too much stacked up against it… to make it ‘work out’.

…and in yet another scenario … (because life isn’t always black and white,

and does have many shades of grey, oh please don’t go there…lol) ….

maybe … things work out perfectly …

and yet you feel like you didn’t even play a hand in it at all,

it feels like pure luck …. (and in this situation, you must’ve done something right).


I’m sure you can think of many more scenarios…

of this kind but I thought the premise interesting, s

o next time something does not work out, face it…

you may have been at fault, figure out HOW you may have been at fault …

and seek ways to do ‘things’ differently next time around…


See where I’m going here…?

Breathe and allow yourself to take the life lesson,

and we can set up a Skype session to discuss your specific situation

and I think you may know that I always use very special essential oils to trigger your sense of smell

and anchor in new more positive thoughts and behaviors.


Wishing you Peace & Abundance,

~ Zen Devin ~

The Holistic Zen Specialist

Achieving Success using Relaxed Focus ….

and a Positive *Mind*Body*Spirit* State


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