The Mind and Body Connection | 7 Things to Tap Into Your Mind Body Connection

 Mind Body Connection…

In my hypnotherapy  practice…

I call it Holistic Hypnotherapy…

Because It’s all one unit, mind/body/spirit ….

and it’s all connected ….

and everything is connected to everything.


And Love, yes, Love…

for ourselves, 

because WE matter…

and Love for others is a key component, 

at least in my world…


Because Everything is about EVERYTHING….

it makes it even more true…


….and how you love and how you think …

and handle simple things in life…

is usually how you handle life in general.


So, let’s treat the ecology of the situation,

because as much as we may want to just work on the one thing,

that one thing spills over into other aspects of life,

so let’s discuss the wholeness of the being,

not just one isolated ‘issue’ …


My Body is not healthy … or “I’m a negative thinker”

 If we are not expressing loving acceptance in those moments, 

we are creating something a bit unhealthy, 

so let’s join the unhooked,

and set that need to judge ourselves free….


It’s a Mind and Body Connection thing,

(and you can add in your spiritual practice yourself today, Okay?).


My back...!

Holistic Hypnotherapy …

and the Mind & Body Connection

…it’s so interesting to me how one thing,

like eating good healthy nutritious

and preferably organic foods at regular intervals,

affects the ecology of all life ‘things.’


If you keep an even stable blood sugar level …

you think and therefore, act out and behave differently.


And the very same goes for hydration,

you may not BE hungry,

you may very well be THIRSTY,

and drinking enough water …

and drinking the RIGHT water is vitally important.


** preferably higher alkaline water…

from all the research I’ve done,

and that’s a lot of research, I’d recommend Kangen…

and I don’t make money from Kangen.


Now, I would say something like…

‘especially if you work out or are ill’ …

but this one thing goes for EVERYONE,

it is vitally important to your health and well-being!


It’s even more interesting that your emotions …

begin with a thought…

and so it’s also very important to think positive thoughts,

and have overall good …

(I would say: GREAT) intentions for yourself and others.


When your intentions are good …

and CLEAR about what it is you want and desire,

and you remain focused on this intention and visual,

what else could the universe possibly deliver?


My Personal Disclaimer: Of course,

your vibrational energy must be in alignment with what you desire,

ex. if you want someone who is involved with someone else,

try removing the specificity of ‘the’ person …

and look for signs of someone who could possibly be …

a great friend/partner/lover/spouse/whatever it is you’re seeking…

because if you ‘lure’ that person away from another,

it doesn’t say much for either of you ..

or where your ‘vibrational energy’ is coming from, now does it?**

**Be clear on your GOOD intentions,

and best outcome for EVERYONE, not just YOU!


Enough disclaimers though…


Here’s even more info than you bargained for…

7 Things about that Mind and Body Connection…


1. We All Have it…

Whether you’re aware of it or not…

we experience the mind-body connection everyday.

It’s not out of reach, or only available through hours of yoga,

meditation, etc…IT is always here.


2. Thoughts are Things

“All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts, we make the world.”



Your emotional and mental imbalance can start…

as tight shoulders, and a sore upper back,

and lead to unhealthy weight gain or loss,

insomnia, and high blood pressure.


When we make a conscious effort …

to think more positively,

to develop healthy coping mechanisms to stress,

and life’s inevitable daily trials.


Consciously make the effort to shift your focus of thoughts..

to outcomes that are helpful to you…

and it will help build the body’s immune system as well


3. We Can Be Sick Or We Can Be Healthy

Many studies have shown that our personal ‘coping’ mechanisms….

The ways we handle stress directly correlate to how we deal…

with serious illnesses, including cancer.


Ongoing stress affects the body in a negative way,

chronic stress can make us more susceptible to …

yes, chronic illnesses such as:

diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and some infections.


Our mind-body connection used in a positive way,

mostly by keeping our bodies in shape with exercise and nutrition,

and our minds focused on the good aspects of life…

keeps stress low, coping by staying calm to reduce psychological stress,

is the key to life!


4. The BODY-Mind Connection

If we pay attention, we can easily see …

Exercise IS a very cheap way to boost our focus,

moods, and overall health.


5. Food Choice Affects Our Bodies AND Minds

“We are what we eat.”

Every single morsel or liquid that passes through our lips…

Every day, our nutritional intake has a huge impact –-

both negative and positive — on how we feel,

thanks mostly to the chemical serotonin.


The short version: when serotonin levels are high,

we’re happier…

and when they’re low, we become depressed.


Eating too many carbs and sugar decreases sensitivity to serotonin,

which leads to bad moods….


To balance serotonin levels, eating protein can be the solution,

especially before carb-intake.


Instead of eating a high sugar content pick-me-up midday,

go for a high protein snack to keep the mood positive …

and energy up, and avoiding a sugar crash later.


 6. Regular Good Sleep Is A Must…

In addition to picking good foods and doing exercise,

sleep also plays an HUGE role in maintaining those healthy serotonin levels,

and keeping our minds and bodies happy with together.


Maybe you don’t know this …but … Serotonin’s primary action…

in the body is to sedate,

soooo therefore, it is closely tied to how energy is

— or is not — expended.


Without proper rest, and regular hours of sleep,

our brains can be negatively affected,

in other words, lack of sleep heavily messes with…

our brain’s response to serotonin.


It’s so important to keep a consistent sleeping pattern,

in order to have a great mind/body connection



7. Meditation Helps Your Heart

There is medical evidence that reveals ….

a truly reciprocal connection between the mind and body.


Meditation and other ‘relaxation’ techniques…

have shown to alter mind-body and also mind-heart connections.


No Study directly addresses how mind-heart intervention…

can help patients with heart issues, though we all know…

meditation helps with anxiety and depression,

and having either of those chronically…

often does coincide with the onset of serious illness.


Meditating 15 minutes daily ….

Can help anyone to stay centered and calm…

throughout the day.

(and generally, it makes you more loving as a person)


Meditation can also help you shift mental perceptions…

and your reactions to situations.


By being aware of tension and anxiety,

and then connecting to your breathing,

the mind will start to relax and the body will follow.


Just taking a few moments out of a stressful day…

to pay attention and breathe quietly can have similar effects.


Essentially, we are what we think, eat, drink, say and breathe.


Developing and applying mindfulness to all of these …

Thoughts, choosing good foods, drinking water,

speaking thoughtfully and positively,

and paying attention to our breathe …

can help us to get and maintain a joyful state and

a good healthy mind-body connection.


How do you utilize what you know …

about your mind-body connection to stay healthy and positive?



Okay, I think I’ve given you a lot to think about…

but I am passionate about people, 

and HELPING them become their personal best,

and sharing what you’re passionate about….


Soooo, What are YOU passionate about?
Comment below and share it with us! 


Cheers, till next time,


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