The 3 Reasons Why You Struggle With Spending Time Your Teen And How to Fix It

Spending time with a teenager

Sometimes, it isn’t easy…although my girl is normally sweet and (luckily) still into me, there are times when her answers to any of my questions is just: NO.

So how was that for a lead in? hahaha

…let’s just get to it, shall we?

#1 You’re taking their behavior personally

It’s a general principle of being a teen, it’s nothing personal …
and if you struggle with moments like the one in the video, taking it personally…
that’s a struggle I suggest you let go of…
they’re just being teen angsty and asserting their,
‘I’m cool and I can’t be into you right now because that’s NOT cool’

#2 You’re subconsciously ‘Freezing’ them at a certain age

Often, we have a ‘favorite’ age and we want to prolong those days, totally understandable…
and when a conversation starts to go sideways,
I’ve been know to say, ‘where’s the 6 year old who adored me?’
…and she’s been known to say, ‘just hug me (or love me)’ and …
most of the time that’s enough to get things back on track…

(* most of the time, during those other times – see #1 and try not to take it personally)

#3 You want everything to go perfect (so you overplan) 

You’ve got an outing day planned with your teenager …
and you’ve planned it the way you would if you were spending the day with a friend.

That can create a too-structured feeling or in teen language…
‘a freaking boring predictable day’ …

If you’re not good at going with the flow, just keep asking as you go along,
‘is this fun for you, because I’m having a great time’
– watch your kids’ body language to see how they react.

You know when they’re saying yes just to please you
and you can choose in that moment to change things up.

It’s all about shifting your energy and your thoughts…
and my thought has always been to enjoy her …
and the time we spend together as much as possible.

That predominant thought is what creates the atmosphere of openness …
and the ability to watch myself when I begin to think I’m ‘struggling’ with her

(or anything really)

In fact, my life has been changed up for the WAY better
since my daughter arrived in it : )

I always wanted to spend time with her, and that hasn’t changed …
despite some of the challenges of teen-hood : )

In order to live it my way,
I’ve always looked for and had some type of entrepreneurial ‘job’ and …
those jobs have included the one-on-one Hypnotherapy work I still do Part Time,
and it is great, I love helping people…

I knew I can help so many more people…
by being online …
People just like … YOU.

I’ll share the’ Zen’ of abundance thoughts, ideas and actions,
and how to start attracting what you want,
and keep it…

Attracting success can be done with ease,
if you’ll allow yourself to do one thing…

Believe it can be done.

I believe in myself and my ability to help others in meaningful ways,
Do you believe in yourself?

Because whether it’s a business you want,
or a relationship you want, or both….

If you believe you can have it, you’re right.

If you believe you cannot have it, you’re also right.

Cheers … to you Success on EVERY level, till next time….

~ Zen

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    Hi! this is great, our daughter is only 4, but I feel like these are some awesome tips. Thanks for sharing! Just liked, shared and syndicated your post. 🙂

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