Shift Other People’s Energy in 30 seconds or less…

Do you consider yourself one of those people who ‘influence’?


Maybe your wondering what I mean by influence, and I will tell you.

It is the ability to shift someone’s energy in 30 seconds or less.

Yes, that can be done, and everyone can do it…

though many do not believe in their own personal power to do that, and yet, often those same people can toss out a negative word … in a moments notice, and shut down a conversation before it’s fully begun.

Interesting, right?

The good news…

With those kind of skills, jumping onto the positive side of the fence could be a complete no-brainer.


Let me add right here though, that it comes swiftly to you if you love yourself, because you can offer your love to others once your love for yourself is in place…


now, that being said…


I want you to know that YES you can make someone else’s day,

easily and with little effort on your part.


How, you might ask…

By always speaking good ABOUT them TO them…


I don’t care who it is…

I don’t care what they say that’s negative…

turn it around, because everything, every statement, situation, everything…

has a negative and positive polarity,

focus on the positive polarity can change the course of someone’s day, focus on the positive polarity can shift someone’s energy, and YOU both will feel that elevated mood and attitude…

YOU will both be transformed.


let me give you a few examples…


I’ll anonymize the words/situation…

(just made ^^ that word up because they are words of clients more or less),

Female Client: ‘I’m too impulsive, it’s not good’

Me: ‘That’s an interesting observation about yourself, because after working with you for awhile now, I’ve noticed that you deliberate at length about ideas and situations that are substantial, while giving way to opening your heart easily to those things that are spur of the moment, it feels to me, as an outsider observing you, that you strike an inner balance… that many never achieve.’

and…I also added, ‘please, be careful what you say out loud about yourself, your subconscious is always listening, and it will make whatever you say about you come true.


She beamed and said, ‘I never thought of any of what you just said that way.’


Another example:

Male client: ‘…I let her know how wrong she was about what I said and next thing I knew, we were arguing in a parking lot and now she won’t return my calls, really want to fix this’.

Me: Okay, 2 things, making anyone else wrong is not a positive stance, no matter how justified you feel in deeming yourself ‘right’ … and the other party ‘wrong’
(unless you’re trying to break up and you don’t care).

so let’s start there and here’s the deal, you will make no groveling phone calls, only leave one more message, and this is it, ‘I apologize for making you wrong in our conversation the other day, please call me when you’re ready to talk with me’ and do not call again, do not email – just DO NOT…

He was stressing because she certainly took her time to call, though through my coaching on bringing up the initial source of the disagreement, and approaching the ‘conversation’  in a conversational way, brought about exactly the outcome he wanted.


You see, no one likes ‘confrontation’ talks…

and everyone likes caring ‘conversations’ …

…it’s simply a shift in the energy you bring to it.


Set your intention in your heart and mind, and conversationally only say things that will open you up to receiving… ONLY that outcome.


A good rule of thumb is to measure what you’re about to say, along with offering a large dose of ‘benefit of the doubt’ … is to ask yourself these questions BEFORE you begin:

* Is it true?

(determine validity of your viewpoint, was it a misinterpretation, a miscalculation, what was it exactly?)

* Is it kind?

(or are you being an *expletive* in this interaction, just to make a point? Hey, it’s ok to admit it, it’s not ok to follow through on that behavior,  just because you can or you feel justified (see below)…

here’s what to do: acknowledge it and …you’re negative reason for wanting to act that way, and reframe THAT : )

* Is it helpful?

(telling other people their flaws is actually a design flaw of yours, if you really think about it…on the other hand, we all – occasionally, require an ass kicking from someone who loves us, and again, it’s all in the approach : )


Think of the POSITIVE outcome you can give someone, simply through reflecting back to them in YOUR words, what you see that’s good in them.


Nowadays, I don’t even allow a quick negative statement to roll by, I immediately reframe and hand it back to someone…because sometimes you have to believe in others, until they can believe in themselves.

It’s easy to shift energy and it’s easy to make someone’s day,

why not be known for that?


And that’s why – I’m all about the ‘reframe’ …which is to say, step away from the box you categorize…and file your thoughts and actions in, and see if you can find a fresh angle that serves you in a positive way, before believing negativity about yourself, be willing to do that…and be willing to ask someone else to,until you can do that for yourself.

I’m going to urge you to test your energy shifting skills! Right now, go make someone’s day … TODAY


I’m also going to urge you to shift YOUR energy, and YOUR way of thinking today…


I believe in you, the question is: Do YOU believe in YOU?

And if you don’t and want to change that, Contact me to set up a Skype session

Peace & Abundance,


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  • Helen Lingard

    Thank you Zen, what a great post..

    • Zen Devin

      Thank you, Helen, appreciate you! XOX

  • Sue Price

    I love this message Zen. I agree we should never make someone else wrong it is such a sure way create conflict. I took time to learn that though. Thanks Zen.

    • Zen Devin

      Sue, it’s a human flaw (or comic relief id you can view it that way) to always want to be right as opposed to being in harmony, that process comes with age, which is why I really don’t mind that process either. Luv to you, Zen

  • Ann Batten

    I love the phrase “immediately reframe” and I love this whole post Zen. Thank you.

    • Zen Devin

      Ann, thank you and life takes on a precious meaning when you’re able to just let go and reframe immediately, there’s no glory in feeling bad or negatove so I just do not, and as I mentioned on the TILT hangout, I’m ok with it if people think I’m too Pollyanna-ish about life. I want to enjoy it, period. X’s and O’s to you! – Zen

  • Kristin Procanick

    Wow! I needed this. Had me revisiting my past conversations and realizing that I have a lot to learn. Always growing, learning and moving forward! Thank you for these examples and showing how simple it can be to turn the negative into a positive.

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, Kristin, and just as you use less muscles to smile than you do to frown, it is possible to build your positivity muscles to react towards the positive rather than the negative straightaway! Thanks for coming by today : ) XOX – Zen

  • John Kliewer

    What a great post! Keeping these points in mind will totally help me in my relationship building. Thank you!

    • Zen Devin

      Good for you, John, it’s really helpful to do the harmonious thing instead of the ‘who’s right, who’s wrong’ thing. #bless – Zen

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