Passion & Cleaning up YOUR Holistic act VS. Life ‘Balance’

Passion & Cleaning up Holistic YOUR act VS. Life ‘Balance’

I used to think of adult life (now known as the verb ‘adulting’)
as a crazy balancing act. I saw my parents exchanging info about
calling this person about ‘that’ and I’ll handle getting ‘this’ done
after work…

…like a couple of jugglers wearing more serious uniforms, well, my father,
anyway…he was a cop, my mother dressed up and went off to do secretarial
work everyday. I can’t believe the amount of ‘life stuff’ they handled…

Passion VS. Life ‘Balance’

Hmmm. so are we ‘modern adults’ allowed more leeway to explore our passions
OR have we changed the things we get passionate about?
I remember wondering WHAT if anything I was passionate about,
I didn’t really ‘get it’ that we had that ‘option’ to choose…
I was raised to get a good paying job and go live life,
but life gets long if you don’t LOVE what you do.

Another thorn in the side of that thought is…
even if I love it, will I continue to, if I MUST do it 40 plus hours per week,
every week non-stop for the next 40 years??

That’s when I noticed I did have one passion…
that I love watching people!
and I’ll tell you after studying on my own and later,
psychology for years, and hypnotherapy…

The most communication is in your tonality of voice,
the timbre, the body language and eye patterns,
It’s actually the study of NLP, Neuro-linguistic programing…

I was and am literally fascinated by people and how they live out their lives,
observing the ‘indocrination’ of young lives and noticed the automatic
leaning towards negative thoughts many seem to be born with…
or the lack of self discipline and self esteem, it was mesmerizing
the stories of peoples lives … all Soooo different
(as was their viewpoint and perspective bc of that!)

…the choice to study and work with people like this never occurred to me at the
time…neither did my other interest…also behavior related…

Cleaning up YOUR act

lol…I wondered and watched (and often indulged myself back then)
people not only thinking toxic thoughts but eating known bad foods
and using totally toxic products at home, on their skin, hair and in their houses…

how we treated our own bodies, minds and lives got me seriously wondering,
WHY don’t people care more?

We are what we eat or was just a saying then?
What we inhale and ingest doesn’t matter??
How we think about (and keep repeating that same story) doesn’t matter?

I think it does, a lot, I’m always saying 2 things to clients, friends as well…
1. Be careful what you say about yourself and others, your subconscious is always listening!
and 2. it’s a holistic thing, this life, it’s Mind*Body* Spirit…
Train your brain by filling  your mind with positive thoughts,
Directing your energy towards what you want, (not what you don’t)
and be aware of your vibrational energy and what you are offering up and attracting
and shift accordingly!
***But also see this post about venting/gossip please, it has it’s place!

The Spirit part will come to you and depends on upbringing and your own exploration. I’m fascinated with the Tao de Ching and Eastern philosophy and respect everyone’s right to choose their spiritual/religious path…

That being said, we are HOLISTIC beings, AND that is exactly why I choose to use safe products these days, in my home, on and in my body, eating good nutritional foods and taking what I need to reduce inflammation
(in general bc it adds to manifesting chronic illnesses, stress, too AND bc I’ve used my joints extensively in life and reducing inflammation there is important!) and just plain look and feel GOOD – GREAT …
WITHOUT breaking the bank…

Because it is an INSIDE and OUTSIDE job, let’s keep part of it easier…
Go HERE to take a look at products that will help you with BOTH!

Cheers, to your life success and next time,

~ Zen

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