How to Stop Struggling

Sometimes, to stop struggling …

you just have to give up…

on resistance.

on struggling

on wanting ‘warm’ ideas BUT thinking ‘cold’ thoughts …

What you DO want is what matters…

So, to stop all the struggling,

and I could give you the long circuitous route…

but it’s really very simple,

fill your vortex with all those good wants/desires…

and soften the beat of the cold drum, soften towards your resistance….

I love this line:

How long is going to take for you to chill out and expect good things to come?

I Agree.

How long do you want it to take? 

I love Abraham Hicks,

and her way of describing ‘struggling’

what can I say, she gets me or…

I get her and vibrational energy and I’m hoping you do, too.

Subscribe to her channel and take a 10 minutes listen a day, 

you won’t be able to NOT know how the Law of Attraction truly works.

This man in the video is working SO hard, 

breath, stay present,

and KNOW that what you have planned is inevitable…

and FEEL deserving of it.

Ah, and well wishing all the way around matters also…

I want everyone to be successful – however YOU define it.

Your intentions go out there regardless to you ‘sending them out there’…

slow down the resistance by not giving it ANY attention, 

FOCUS on something/anything else.

I know this can be a new concept for some…

but it’s definitely worth exploring.

The laws of the universe do have a ‘hierarchy’ in terms of one preceding another, and that’s why mastering the vibrational energy you are emitting is crucial, and in my opinion, there’s no one like Abraham Hicks that can explain it better!

Need some help shifting where you currently are to where you want to be?

Contact me.

Peace and Abundance,



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  • Sue Price

    I love her too Zen and love how she describes things. I often watch her videos and love how she does what she does so well. I also love the sense of humor in it. I think many of us take ourselves way to seriously.

    • Zen Devin

      totally agree, Sue, we often take ourselves way too serious, lol…I try to avoid that!! Thanks for commenting!

  • Kristin

    Thank you for this. And I am going to take your advice – 10 minutes a day of Abraham Hicks.

    • Zen Devin

      yes, Kristin, 10 minutes is a minor commitment to keeping yourself in a good place all day! Thanks for commenting!

  • michele

    Zen this is exactly what I need and I’m going to listen to her every day…thankyou so much for this powerful message.!!

    • Zen Devin

      MIchele, I just did another one about AH that will give you a laugh and a new perspective! I’ll tag you! Thanks for the comment, appreciate it and you

  • Leonie Henskie

    HI Zen, thank you for this. It is so important you do not draw attention to the negatives. I love the ways suggested to stop drawing attention to the wrong things

    • Zen Devin

      yes Leonie, it is very important because wherever you choose to put attention and energy…expands…so why put it on negative thoughts? Thanks so much for reading and for commenting!

  • Gail Kendig

    10 Minutes!! What?! Ok..I’m trusting you! Thanks for the healthy tips!

    • Zen Devin

      I used dragon dictation app for the written parts and I know already my favorite Abraham Hicks YT videos so it was easy for me, Gail : ) lol

  • Netty Estes

    Brilliant post Zen! I am up for starting to listen to this amazing lady Abraham Hicks. I can’t think of a better way to start my day. 🙂 Netty and Sam Estes

    • Zen Devin

      Great, Netty, that makes me happy (or as AH would say: it puts me in the VORTEX!) thanks for commenting!

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