How to Shift Your Thinking to Change Your Life

How to Shift Your Thinking ….
to Change Your Life!

 This may be an older video of mine …

but I am reviewing all my old videos, 
you know why? 

Because I am CONSTANTLY reinventing myself…

and there is no place in my life or yours, 
for ‘stinking thinking’ …

and you must stay vigilant about what you allow…
into your life…

Let’s watch the video for a moment now though…


Source: How to Shift Your Thinking to Change Your Life – YouTube

CHASE down those thoughts that don’t serve you…

CHANGE that sound loop in your head…

Just yell out, “DELETE” …
use a deletion pattern to shift your thoughts,
right in that instant, 
so you can … right in that moment …
RETRAIN your mind to focus on what you do WANT…

…not on what you don’t…


Your Attitude is EVERYTHING…


…wishing you peace and abundance always,



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  • Helen Lingard

    Loved it Zen… as I do all your videos.. always so much value – thank you

    • Zen Devin

      Aww I appreciate the kind words, Helen, thank you. XO, Zen

  • Shaun Trewern

    Simple yet powerful advice my friend. Delete the ‘stinkin thinkin’ mindset and retrain your mind to focus on what you want. BooooooM!!

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, ONLY focus on what you want, all else is distraction! XOX, Zen

  • Kristin Procanick

    Yes! Great message — love the tips on how to get rid of negative thinking. It seems so difficult, but in reality just takes a few shift. Thank you!

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, Kristin, it’s just a tweak here and there really…XOX, Zen

  • W. Metro Procanick

    I love the idea that “who you were yesterday and where you’ve come from has no bearing on what you can achieve tomorrow.” Excellent.

    • Zen Devin

      Hey, Bill, nice to see you here, and yes…I love that idea as well. It can all change tomorrow, so be looking ahead towards what you want to achieve tomorrow. Cheers, Zen

  • Kristine Christiansen

    Love it Zen! Mindset IS everything…”your stinkin’ thinkin’ can be shifted”. So true…thanks for the awesome tips to do it!

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