How to Purge Negativity From Your Life


Purging negativity from your life….

sounds awesome, right?


You hear that and you wonder,

where do I sign up?!


Well, because I always focus on the positive…

I’m here to tell you the Single biggest deal breaker,

when it comes to manifesting and attraction.


Let’s fix that and get whatever it is you desire.


The deal breaker is…

Negative Thoughts…

yes, Negative Thoughts and Negative Thinking patterns,

because once you create that negative thought,

and you attach a ‘negative’ emotion to it,

you then create an inner ‘sound loop’ …

around that negative thought process,

that keeps you stuck…

 and there’s just nothing to gain,

when your mind and heart lurks in negativity.


In fact you leave yourself at risk…


That negative realm attracts stress,

disease, debt …

and anything else…

that turns your life into a living … purgatory …


And that’s a very good reason to:

purge negativity from our lives.

So, how do we do that without spending a lot of time,

going over literally thousands …

of ‘bad’ feelings and ‘bad’ events that have already passed?


There’s a way…and I think you’ll like this technique!


This technique is going to be so easy for you,

because even the name is sweet,

it’s called the ‘Love Method’


This is the good part,

about how you get UNstuck…

and Purge all that Negativity from your life.


There have been many who have touched on this before,

maybe using a different name or slightly different technique,

but I want you to have it this way…

because it gives YOU,

more responsibility and accountability…

AND more Personal Power!


Get ready because you will gain one hundred fold…

in your quest,

to invite abundance and happiness into your life…

IF you learn and APPLY this method.


The ‘Love Method” is actually very simple,

you must declare love for anything…

and everything that comes your way. Period.


And let’s take one step further …

and say, “I love this and I chose this” …

And yes,

this applies even if you’re suddenly confronted by …

not-so-positive events.


I know it sounds strange …

though, if you sincerely say, “I love you” …

to both positive and negative things coming your way in life,

what your actually doing is purging all the negativity,

while keeping affirming/positive thoughts,

and emotions intact.


This purging, this thought cleansing,

is done so your mind can be clear to ‘receive’ …

what you have been attracting and manifesting.


Love is actually the complete package for the law of attraction.


Let me give you further clarity on this point…

because it’s BIG


the Law of Attraction has several components that must come together,

before it can really work for you,

they are:

Affirmative thoughts,

positive emotions,

genuine desire,


redefined action …

and active receiving.


When you add LOVE to that above equation,

all of these components manifest automatically.


Because when one loves,

it is impossible for anything negative to arise.


When you Declare Love for something…

you become thankful for the event,

person or circumstance that is there in the first place.


And, you’ll start to see the positive…

that already exists in your life right now.


The smallest of things become cherished gifts.


So, let’s Purge that Negativity now!


Life’s challenges will become way less daunting …

and you’ll actually start searching …

for the hidden life lesson and ‘silver linings’ …

instead of giving in to excuses,

giving up,

or dwelling on the negative.


Positive emotions and thoughts are automatically brought to the surface…

when you love something.




you’ll feel light and happy …

that mental and emotional baggage evaporates.


I’m passionate about feeling good,

and helping others find their way to positivity,

as I have by transforming even my own perceived ‘bad’ events,

or negative thoughts into positives using this method.


I’m hoping you’ll give it your best try,

and I bet you’ll even find it easy …

as you train your mind to see the good in everything.



Helpful? I hope so….


Need assistance shifting your mindset?
Contact me and let’s set up a Skype session. 





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  • Linda Frame

    I love this Zen. In my little mind, it’s clearly translated as: The “Love Method”, the Roto-Rotor of negativity!! What a cool cleansing, to purge out all the crap causing negative thoughts. I Love it. Great post.

    • Zen Devin

      thank you, Linda, glad you liked it and I luv that term, the roto-rooter of negativity. XO, Zen

  • Rory Singh

    Well your name is Zen so I am not surprised with your positive ‘high’ energy on life. Loving your circumstances along with ‘taking responsibility’ for them is very [Empowering]. This is a form of ‘acceptance’ and an opportunity in itself.

    However, during times of ‘adverse’ situations, we don’t always love it while we are going through it. But later we do find out how the ‘seeming’ rough times actually served us.

    Thank you Zen!

    • Zen Devin

      no I agree, I do my fair share of grumbling before I have to just stop and ask myself, how did I maybe bring this about, what was my energy doing at the time and then if I did choose this, why, what’s to learn that’s positive from it. Thanks for your insights, Rory

  • Sue Price

    Purging negativity from our lives is something we all need to do. It is so much easier said than done even for those of us who understand. I love this idea Zen. I must say I took a deep breathe on the addition of “and I choose this”. Thank you Zen for sharing this.

    • Zen Devin

      …on some level our energy does choose (or call) most things into our lives, Sue…odd or as accountable as that makes us feel, it’s 90% true…some things seems to be random but there’s no coincidences in life. XO, Zen

  • Erica Udeanu

    I LOVE this and your post reminds me that I must read Marianne Williamson’s book again … “A Return To Love”. Whenever I read it I totally get all that you’re talking about above. And you’re so right … when you accept that love is all there is … your entire perspective on life changes!

    Love reading your posts Zen!

    • Zen Devin

      Thanks Erica, appreciate your kind words and that it inspired you to go back and revisit “A Return to Love” because love is all there is.

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