How to Invite Abundant Aging…

I was busy procrastinating this morning …
and looking at what was trending on Youtube,
and this …

100 Years of Beauty: Aging

caught my eye.

 I actually thought it was interesting that they…

1. skipped straight to their 50’s … 

2. and that she reacted the way she did to her 50 year old face,

she looked stunning and she shrieked.


Aging gets such a bad rap …

and hopefully for these two,

they allow themselves a better way to grow older …


based on knowing what’s to come in their later years.


And  that you do get to choose how you view it.

I must admit that while viewing it, 

it did occur to me …

that they’ve got a 50/50 chance …

of actually getting to those last days together.


I only say that because of the current divorce rate,

and while I don’t wish that on them, 

to not acknowledge the possibility seems wrong,

50% is high…and it’s getting higher.


And the aging process and living longer …

and everyone is freer in spirit,

and with more life options than ever before,

and that can have something to do with that.


Personally, I think the whole face of marriage …

will be taking a major shift in the next few decades, 

for better and for worse…

everything evolves and shifts eventually, 

why not the institution of marriage?


Getting off subject now, though…


Even if they don’t get to happily ever after,

this very moment in this video…

will forever shift how they view this love and this marriage.


And who knows,

just seeing this aging process may be the glue that binds them.


I want people to find their aging happiness,

however it feels right to do it…


…but I do think that the time for revering the process of life…

(i.e. aging) in Western culture  is due.


Of course, you’ll think I’m saying that because I’m mid-process …

and you would not be wrong! lol…


The highlight of having ‘lived it’ …

and gaining some major life experience is that you know…

no matter what happened in the past,

you always have the opportunity to RECREATE YOURSELF!


And that’s exciting at any age…



Have you thought about what aging means to YOU?
Please tell me your thoughts, comment!


Cheers to a long life of constant reinvention!

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  • Teresa Keiser

    Great post and the video was very entertaining! Thanks!

    • Zen Devin

      yes, entertaining and very interesting experiment. Thanks for commenting. – Zen

  • Justine's Freedom

    What a scary but cool experiment to do. Be kinda depressing at the thought of getting older, but at the same time, comforting to know how far you will have come. I dunno…mixed feelings.

    • Zen Devin

      I hear you, Justine, I’m quite sure they walked away with mixed feelings, too…Xo, Zen

  • helenlingard

    I saw this video yesterday and I just loved it, in fact it made me emotional as it did them. I thought it was lovely that whatever age she was.. he thought she looked adorable… It reminded me of how lovely it was to grow old together, even though I don’t think the aging was very accurate – I have seen aging in films done so much better.. great experiment though…

    • Zen Devin

      I agree, it wasn’t as accurate as it could’ve been, I just enjoyed the social experiment! XO, Zen

  • Sheena

    awesome tips on abundant aging

    • Zen Devin

      Thanks, Sheena, and thanks for commenting today : ) Xo, Zen

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