Ever Have a Dream WAKE YOU UP?

… to tell you something important?

To download information from on high,

to answer a question you’ve thrown out there to the universe?

I often ask for the ‘411’ the full scoop…

on many topics and I do receive.

But, a whole dream loaded with symbolism I totally get and understand?

That doesn’t happen very often,

but when it does, I pay attention!

It started off like this …

or … oh wait, let me give you some quick backstory first.

From  2005-2007 I lived in Singapore ….

with my then 6 year old and my her dad.

Back in June of 2005, during the ‘looksee’ tour…

meaning – my ex was off interviewing …

and flying to China to look at their factories,

and I was in Singapore looking at housing,

smart employer…

…he sent me right off to see if I could find somewhere killer,

I could picture us living in…

so they sent over an assigned agent,

and like any good real estate agent,

this man, with a long Chinese name I cannot remember right now…

let’s call him, Song Lee, for now …

...he came over to the hotel and asked me some questions…

SL: Do you like high rise apartments? 

ME: Hmm, I like views but I usually like to step out onto terra firma

SL: *perplexed look* – terra firma? What’s she talking about?

SL: You mind multiple levels?

ME: we currently live on 3 levels so NO, no stairs, one level only

SL: OK (and slightly perplexed look,

if you live with 3 sets of stairs now, why not do it again?)

SL: You prefer bungalow (house/single family dwelling) or apartment?

ME: I’m good with either but I’m thinking a pool would be cool,

so a condo or apt might be better?

SL: (lady, please – a straight answer to just one of my questions would be nice?)

SL: you plan to have animal?

ME: we already do, she’s a big dog and she’s coming with us, of course.

SL: You know, she have to be in quarantine for 2 months, yes?

ME: Ohhhhh, NOOOO, I did not know that. (ugh, heart sinking…)

SL: OK, I go to office and I pick you up this afternoon at 2, okay?

ME: sure and no ‘all American’ neighborhoods, okay?

SL: OK, but why? You are American.

ME: exactly.

(heck, I’d just stay home if I only want American neighbors)

SL: smiling (with that resigned look … that knowing look …

he knows he will be earning his money this time around) 

Okay, now I’ve set the ‘reality’ scene …

and now I’ll give you the theme…

‘be willing to explore everything,

even what you think you don’t want’

…you never know,

you may change your mind …

or your heart will confirm,

what it already has in place for you.

…and here’s the dream:


SL brings me to a high rise…

(true, this happened) …

and he says, ‘this is an amazing penthouse apartment,

on 36th floor… you must see’ …


It wasn’t our first place to look at that day,

and in the dream it wasn’t either,

it was an older building on the exterior …

but it did have a high speed elevator,

as we flew up the elevator,

I counted each floor off in my mind…

before losing a bit of my stomach at the sudden top stop…

I’d asked, ‘they allow dogs here?’

and ‘you know my budget, we can afford this?’ and …

‘does it have a balcony?’ …

…and as we stepped off and walked in,

the thin sheer curtains fluttered softly….

from the slightly open glass sliders,

that lined the entire apartment on 3 sides…

I fell into the magic … it is heady to be up that high.

…the 20′ ceiling allowed in a lot of beautiful warm yellowish light,

and from anywhere in the living room,

you could see blue skies, clouds in the distance,

and all the way out to Malaysia …

and over to Sentosa Island,

a small beachy island off the mainland …

…and it overlooked the Singapore Strait,

with all the small and large boats,

looking like tiny ants from this vantage point,

…the light breeze held me in place in the center of the room,

the smell of fresh air circulating around me,

made me feel a little drunk … almost …

I walked over and looked over the railing of the balcony,

and stepped back fast,

it hit me how high up we actually were,

and I’m not afraid if heights, but I thought, 

‘what if Elke (my dog) walks too close and falls off?’ …

…a totally irrational thought,

since she’s a big Norwegian Elkehound/German Shepard mix …

and couldn’t fit between those rails,

even if she were inclined to jump or try to fly,

not only that but it registered in my mind,

wait, Elke is gone, is this a dream?

I walked around in utter silence …

and astonishment,

I could live HERE…?

it was unbelievable … 

In reality, the idea of being up so high …

with a big dog that often wanted to go out …

and play in a park or just do nature’s calling quickly,

not to mention my 6 year old daughter who’d never been…

in a building higher than our house in the states,

it just didn’t seem like a good choice.

So, we passed on the place.

In my dream, last night,

SL asked, ‘You still have dog?” 

I hesitated and then responded,

‘No, Elke is gone now’

it dawned on me,

I’d forgotten about her passing …

as we often do in our dream lives.

SL: Well, then what stopping you?

And in this dream, I smiled …

and said, ‘Nothing, absolutely nothing is stopping me’

and I woke up to my own serene visual,

of those sheer curtains still fluttering lazily,

while I simply stayed lying there, barely awake,

choosing to just think and say ‘YES’ …

…to something/anything/everything…

that I never would’ve requested to explore,

but even in reality,

I did explore it and I did love it.

And now, in my dreams, apparently, I still do…

love the view…

from up here … on the 36th floor.

The symbolism is clear to me,

and it’s not just about high rise apartments…

but I won’t explain it all here!

What symbols does life or your dreams present to you?

And, can you always identify what they mean to you right away?

When I did live in Singapore I started blogging,

I’ve never stopped enjoying sharing my daily stories with people…

what about you, isn’t it time for you …

to share yourself and your unique stories with the world?

Contact me to find out how you could go about doing exactly that.

Cheers, peace and abundance to you!


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  • di downie

    love this story and not sure what my last dream was telling when a kangaroo was sleeping in pot plant outside our bedroom window then he, and he was a boy, came just inside the front door as I was about to show everyone that he was in the pot plant.. He stood in the doorway up on his hind legs..looked at us with his hairy very cute face and jumped along the street…. I mean WT!!!! What did it tell me…. I can jump anywhere…ha ha ha ha


    • Zen Devin

      Possibly, Di, there are those symbology experts who believe that every character in our dreams are actually parts of ‘us’ so perhaps your have the jumping technique of a kanga and you just didn’t know, till last night! XOX, Zen

  • Sue Price

    Zen following the conversation was very interesting and I can even hear the accent. I have vivid dreams but not sure about the symbol. I can usually work out what they mean. Thanks for a great story. I want to know where you did live in Singapore. 🙂

    • Zen Devin

      I lived in the Holland Village area, HollaVee, we used to call it. You’ve been to SG? Thanks for your comment, Sue.

  • Ann Batten

    I very seldom dream. I could count on one hand the number of times I have woken up and remembered what I was dreaming about. I think each tine the dream did wake me up. Each time it was significant. Enjoyed your post Zen

    • Zen Devin

      Thanks, Ann, you do dream your mind just releases the info and that’s cool, too : ) Xo, thanks for commenting! Zen

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