Decide Exactly What You Want | Goal Setting for YOU

Decide EXACTLY What You Want…


You really do have to make some decisions,

and please don’t stress over it…

But …DO 

Shoot for the stars and land on one!


…if you’re going to shoot for that kind of BIG,

then GOoooo Get IT, amiright?!


That beautiful brain of yours WILL conspire with the universe…

and bring synchronicity into your life,

if you believe in yourself and your dreams, 

and all if it is in alignment with who you feel you are…

then it’ll make the whole manifestation process easier…


Here’s what it takes and maybe it looks oversimplified

but your mind is a beautiful computer, give it a good equation

to solve, here’s the steps:


1. Decide to Start (whatever it is)

2. Start immediately (no waiting, you believe in you and trust the universe to have your back)

3. Keep on going (and do not stop, you can only fail by quitting)


Sounds simple, yes?

It is though it is not always easy

unless you GET and STAY motivated.

Knowing exactly what you want and WHY

helps to create the symbol in your mind of what success

looks like and feels like to you…with meaning.

Things happen faster when you create that personal symbol

so DO this and then …

Take Action every day.

And READ this:




As always, I’m wishing you Peace & Abundance, 


~ Zen


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