Are you ‘Honest’? | What exactly is Honesty?

Are you ‘Honest’?

Hmm, I would ‘argue’ that we all tell the truth,
OUR truth, according to our personal world view!

….in conjunction with that world view, we add ‘Facts’…
though again, it is OUR truth based on the filters we send those facts’ through…

So, much of what we claim is ‘honesty’ is at best…
just our version of the truth.

What exactly is Honesty?

Well, you tell me!
Many would assert – it’s being in ‘integrity’…

…true, though many pathological and Narcissistic people lie
and claim they are in integrity with their beliefs (and they are)
and it’s not their fault you aren’t aware of their propensity to stretch, 
change, OR completely delete ‘facts’ so well
that they actually create ‘cognitive dissonance’ 
i.e. a world of it’s own and a exaggerated distortion of something,
but no reality you’re familiar with…

…and if you’ve never run into a sociopath, pyschopath or
or a garden variety or crazy narcissistic, you are indeed amongst the blessed! 

**warning, this is for basic ‘truth telling’
(if you NEED info on how to handle a Narc, 
please feel free to contact me personally so we can set up a coaching session, and remember: YOU are not crazy, it is a bizarre place to be and 
it requires some assistance from someone who’s been there, done that, 
and got out alive to tell the story years later)

Ok, so what’s YOUR thoughts on the topic…of HONESTY?Cheers!

Cheers, till next time,


PS. ASK ME ANYTHING< I will make you a video and write you a blog post!** If you can relate to the Narcissist/Sociopath part above, and have a question…Feel free to write it me here – ‘Dear Zen’ style so we can all learn and grow from your experience/question, I promise I will change names to protect us all. You don’t play with Narcs, they’ll go on a smear campaign and try to ruin you. 

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