Are You Allowing Resentments to Affect Your Health?…(AND your ‘Vibe’)?

I’m going to suggest a first step: forgiveness,

of whatever it is or whoever it is that has you holding onto a thought
that is NOT serving you in a positive way:
do what it takes, meditate on it, ‘reframe’ it in a positive lesson learning light,
because step one really is as simple as: forgive it and Let.It.Go

Back to our forgiveness steps
So yes, you can ‘yeah, but … he/she/they … did…’ all you want,
(and I understand) and it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not serving YOU,
And creating unpleasant feeling energy within you
or that it may be contributing to some types of dis-ease within your body.

Because that story and energy you’re holding onto is segmenting
and causing you to fall out of alignment with your higher self.

so please spend some time or
do it *snap fingers* quickly with this forgiveness life step …
…and now …

Well, hmmm, I plan to walk through Forgiveness,
‘Reframing’ (one of my favorite Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques)
and then a final exercise for dealing with inner resistance
(and it’s just plain helpful for state shifting) …

And I really want you to give the 3 steps your all
because I’ve been seeing too many clients that really are
Operating in low vibrational energy and
keep on lowering their energy because of past resentments.

Let’s embrace the joy and goodness in life
and let go of old ‘stuff’ that’s keeping you from living the life you deserve …

Please go to my: This is for me … How do we get started? Tab
and Let’s set up a time to improve what’s already working
And reframe and shift up the rest in a way that serves your higher purpose.


Peace & Abundance,

~ Zen

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