Lillian Devin


About Zen

Hi, I’m Lillian Devin aka Zen.

and I’m passionate about sharing what I believe in.

If you are brand new here, WELCOME!

And here is the official Life bio…

Lillian Devin has been a observer
and researcher of human behavior
since she can remember,

…writing short stories as a child
and later becoming a hairstylist
and armchair therapist and …
would often be asked for advice on many diverse topics.

Since Lillian dealt with the public
for decades in this capacity,
and never underestimate an ex-hairstylist
in terms of people knowledge and
communication skills because clients would often
tell details they wouldn’t even disclose
to their best friends or  therapists…

– why you might ask?

Because I have my hands running through their hair,
it’s not only mesmerizing and hypnotic by its very nature
it is also an intimate act, one that only their spouse
or children ever touch with any regularity.

It inspires human vulnerability, disclosure and Lillian
always believed anything discussed in that setting was a sacred
and therefore, confidential.

And now as a hypnotherapist and an online marketer,
I share my own services via webinar/recordings as well as services/products I love and use myself.

and I call myself a holistic hypnotherapist for a reason
because everything I do is connected to everything else I do

… all makes sense, now doesn’t it?!


I think this bio highlights the diversity of my life experience
Which all lead to my choice to become
a Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

… as well as …

and with EQUAL passion help many
With life enhancing products on the internet
Because I like to recommend products that reflect
the needs of my clients.

….and because we are holistic beings,

we can be interested and passionate about many things
and many intertwine and work together very well …

… and if I can be a passionate Multi-Tasker
— so can you…

Before we talk any further though, I want you to know …
That I’ve had my struggles just like anyone else
which is why I feel compelled to help everyone
who WANTS to be successful …

to shift their mindset and their energy
so they can be, do and have whatever it is
that their heart desires …

Life is a process of becoming
and a journey of the inner self
And I’ve found that exploring the needs of your inner child
and the potential of your higher self
leads to greater vulnerability and inner strength
And expanded transparency and intimacy
in all your relationships

Though how you interact with yourself is always
THE most primary of relationships.

And I want to assist you in improving your relationship
with yourself and then …

Life is truly yours to be savored.

I’m passionate about positively motivating people
to live the best life possible…
and love every minute of it by training your brain
to stay present and to always see the good in everything …

Or learn to reframe an experience to a positive internal representation
that will serve you in the greatest capacity moving forward.

So, please read this knowing that I am offering to help
many more people than I ever could one-on-one
in my private hypnotherapy practice …

and that is why I am here on the internet,
because helping one person is a truly great feeling,
though helping many become unstoppable is an unbelievable feeling …

Being able to assist people in becoming the best possible
version of themselves as a human
and to help them on their quest
for ‘success on every level’ and personal freedom
is empowering for them and in turn, for me …
and that’s a true and passionate statement.

… I’m here for YOU …
It is my life work and my personal pleasure
to be able to help you improve your life in every way …

Feel free to call me @ 310.503.6349 or …
email me with questions @

Note: PRIVATE Skype/Zoom sessions are arranged by appointment only.

For International coaching clients:
please skype chat me at lillian.devin1
to set up a skype or Zoom consultation/session

Hypnotherapy is very effective using all methods;
in person or via Skype or a secure phone line.

I practice mostly remote via Skype/Zoom
because I travel extensively.

I am simply here to be, do and serve (YOU) …

Wishing you Peace & Abundance,

Lillian (Zen) Devin

PS. the quick history on my nickname, Zen.
I was on a controversial blog site for years
and my ability to assess and remain objective
earned me this moniker,
I like it – so I use it, though I will answer to
whatever name appeals to you best
…the choice is yours, and we all luv choices, don’t we?