3 ways to make life changes positive | Keys to Creating Positive Change

3 Ways to Make Positive Change
(or Change Positive!)

I wrote this almost 2 years ago so it was fun to reread it and to share it with you now. I thought I’d ‘edit’ it but I just didn’t see the need,
all the info I wanted you to have then still stands now!

Hope it’s helpful to you…

In case you might’ve missed my **Newsflash** …

I moved to Shenzhen, China, a week or so ago.


Now, this move did come up rather suddenly, 

we visited during spring break…

and yes, her dad showed her schools,

and what life would be like as a ‘local’…

So it was on the horizon, sort of, but she decided to pass,

then she decided to take him up on the offer, 

but ONLY if I moved also…

and since I work on my laptop, why would I say no??

…but sometimes change takes adjustment, 

especially in your mindset.


So, whether it’s business,

let’s say, you’re an entrepreneur…that is ALL about MINDSET,

you must believe you’ll be successful, that’ll you’ll attain your goals, 

business/team building/personal and financial…

you must believe in your best outcome!


It’s the same in taking on a new life adventure.


The reason why I chose these two pictures,

is because they present contrast and some will say, 

oh gosh, it rains then 15 minutes the sun is shining, 

I don’t like that!


Well, coming from California, I might agree…

from a quick perspective of “I’m not used to that!”…

though I want to present you with 3 ways to shift that MINDSET.


1. You bring an umbrella when it’s raining…OR let me rephrase that:

Be prepared to be flexible, as they say here in Asia, 

“be like the bamboo, it sways in the wind, and it bends in strong weather”

it doesn’t snap, so prepare your mind for being flexible about life changes,

rather than hearing your inner resistance and saying, “yeah, I don’t like this” …

start with, “hmm, that’s interesting, what’s one thing I actually LIKE about this?”


I decided that I enjoyed watching it pour and then watching, as if in slo mo, 

it all dry back up again, only slightly cooler (only slightly, it IS South East Asia : )


2. Become an observer

Of the sky, because once you learn weather patterns…

you can spot the dark clouds coming your way, and yes,

that’s a metaphor for handling your thoughts.

Once you become aware of your surroundings,

physical or your own psyche’s ‘dark clouds’…

you can set about prepping your thoughts to head it off…

with a positive shift in your thoughts, your mindset….


and my favorite way…

3. Embrace the change!

I don’t love the rain, even if it’s big fat warm drops on my head…

But I decided to think to myself:

examine what you do love about it,

this ‘IT’ happens to be rain,

and the things I love about it are:

I love watching it come down,

I love hearing it,

I love the way it makes the color green look to my inner eyeball!

& then I finally decided that I didn’t ‘like’ wet clothes,

so if I spot ‘dark clouds’ …

I dress for it, no long pants,

they get wet and stay wet.


I wear something that will dry easily …

that’ll allow me to enjoy the parts,

of the monsooning that I can enjoy…

and soon it’ll all be 95% positive,

and I’ll be out there singing in that warm rain!


And you can prep your mind to start with what you like,

identify those things and build on them.


…and you can do the same with almost everything,

you have to deal with in life.


If you have ‘adverse’ or extreme circumstances, 

you can, if you wish…

‘prepare’ your thought patterns,

protecting your mind from negativity,

and become mindfully aware of your surroundings,

and identify what you DO like….about each life task…

and then embrace those parts until you can,

at least, ‘not hate’ each task, because that kind of thinking …

those kinds of ‘thoughts’ will bring down everything…

that’s how low level energy works.


….it brings all your thoughts to focus on the ‘not liking’…

to the resistance, and you’ll feel …

so much lighter and more energetic,

when you focus on what you like …

and what will make your life more positive.


And that’s the quick version of making your life changes positive.


See how important MINDSET is??




Start where you are and build up your positivity…

and shift your MINDSET to be, do and have,

whatever it is you want in LIFE!

Call it in by focusing on what you DO want…

the universe will agree and comply!


Things, circumstances, and relationships shift and change all the time in life,
Stay flexible and open to everyday miracles, also…train your brain to work WITH you,
in embracing anything that comes your way or that YOU purposely create,
It’s just easier and more fun…

Challenging times occur, it’s not the challenge, it’s how you react to it!

Cheers, till next time…
peace & abundance to you,


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  • Sue Price

    Of course it hardy rains in California so this is a change Zen. I live in the sub tropics and is very much like you describe. Although sometimes it rains for days and I do not like that. I love the days we have shower and then the sun comes out. Bit to your message yes we can reframe how we look at things ands look for the good.. I am sure you will adjust perfectly. 🙂 Great post.

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, it’s all about adjusting and adaptation, Sue, life is much different here and so far I’m totally enjoying all of it, monsoons included, though I agree, for days on end…it gets a little ‘old’ lol. thanks for coming by! XO, Zen

  • Nancy Loehr

    Loving the metaphors running rampant throughout this post! Moving out of your comfort zone at the drop of a hat takes tremendous courage for most people. Bottom line is – the excitement of the anticipation of what you and your daughter will get out of this experience. A true game changer. So excited for you Zen! And we get to be on the receiving end and live vicariously through your stories….

    • Zen Devin

      Awww thanks for this Nancy, love hearing about the vicarious experience you and others are having through my expat experience, it is a life changer! XO, Zen

  • John Ogrins

    Hello Zen… can not remember an article of yours that I enjoyed reading more than this one. Was chatting with a friend this morning and they responded in an unusual way. A way that irritated me a bit… BUT after reading your article I got to thinking that perhaps it’s “monsooning” outside for me… perhaps I need to make a shift and find something I like or something I can learn from this interaction. It’s bound to get sunny again.

    • Zen Devin

      Exactly from monsoon to sunny and back again John, that’s life and finding the ‘isn’t that interesting’ aspects and ‘i chose this and I love this’ aspects also…keep ‘training’ your mind and you’ll do just great! XO Zen

  • Shaun Trewern

    I LOVE THE RAIN!!! It’s not always convenient to get stuck in it, but sometimes it’s the best thing in the world too! It’s all about perspective and mindset as you say Zen.

    I love Jim Rohn’s teaching on this and you’ve covered it in this post as well….. He says when something doesn’t happen the way you planned or thought, don’t buy into the negative or even try to understand why it happened, just say to yourself ‘Isn’t that interesting’. 🙂

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, everyday for me now is ‘isn’t that interesting’ moment, lol, and I chose it and I love it (even when I think I don’t!) thanks for coming by, Shaun. cheers, Zen

  • Beth

    “hmm, that’s interesting, what’s one thing I actually LIKE about this?” I like this quote. When I’m facing something in the future that tells me NO as an instant reaction, I’m going to try to remember this statement.

    Have a great time in China and keep your posts coming. I’m loving this!

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, Beth, if you can find just ONE thing you like about it, the you’ll open up that door to liking more and to more positive outlook about whatever it is…thanks for commenting! XO, Zen

  • Joe Myoya

    YES! i can agree with you that mindset is everything to ones creating a positive change in anything the believe in.

    Thanks for sharing this it an awesome tips!

    • Zen Devin

      Thanks for coming by, Joe! Mindset is #1 in EVERYTHING, I don’t think people actually realize that!

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