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3 Reasons Why You Need an Online Strategy…for ANY Business

Why am I talking about online businesses on my Hypnotherapy blog?

First reason, because I help many entrepreneurial clients
gain clarity and improve their ‘thinking patterns’ and Disclaimer:
I know not everyone works for themselves but I do want you to understand that EVERY business, my business, your business, ANY business needs a online presence in 2017.

And your ‘business’ is YOU even if you are ’employed’ by someone else.
PS. YOU are also your ‘BRAND’

…and I was going to start with some Success Mindset info, lol,
and I’ll get there but let’s get to some info that could help you,
your business, your financial goals and give you the confidence you are seeking
so when your energy is congruent, you feel like a million bucks…
and you’re meeting your goals.

Now, to be clear, your subconscious mind does know that money is not everything, though many people still have fear of failure and/or fear of success and most of it revolves around their relationship to money and how to generate it… so I thought I’d step into that area to help you even more.

Okay, now that we’re both clear on WHY I wrote this post about business and you(and you and your mindset : ) … let me get to the second reason.

…it’s 2018…
so what ARE you doing to get yourself out there and known?

Putting door-hangers on people’s front doors?!

That works to a small degree, but blanketing areas takes …
money, time and effort and why bother when you have
these 3 Great Reasons to spend your resources online.

And I don’t care what your business is,
or how much you think your business is about relationships…THEY ARE.
though it is possible to get to know, like & TRUST someone
online via video or FB Lives or just through written word.

So, no matter what you’re currently thinking…

One thing is true, everyone is one the interwebs now…
you can target 18 year olds or 68 year olds…
would you use the same wording (copy) to attract a Gen Z
as you would a ‘Baby Boomer’
LOL…I hope not!

If you want to have Success in your life and in your business
you have to learn to speak to people where they’re at…
meaning speak to their subconscious triggers
because we all have subconscious triggers
and that’s a universal fact!

There are approximately 99 of them…

Examples: the desire to belong
or the desire for nice things…

…how I would appeal to the sensibilities of a Gen Z-er
and a Baby Boomer would be different.

YOU have to know YOUR target market and how they THINK
** AND connect them to a past positive emotional moment,
It’s in their subconscious memory…and it’s KEY!

..and now, after my brief trip into your brain,
is the 3 great reasons why you need an online strategy for your business.

#1. It’s HIGHLY targeted, depending on how you structure your advertising

Traditional marketing works to a degree, as I mentioned,
but marketers now have much more powerful tools at their disposal.
Digital marketing allows precise targeting of specific audiences like never before,
and there’s the analytics, you can track responses to digital marketing activity accurately.

Listen, back in the day, especially with print advertising,
we could mail BULK RATE and wait…and wait…
(yes, I once went to a USPS and saw my clients’ expensive postcards
sitting in the backroom. They were within their USPS ‘schedule dates’
they give you a 3-7 day window but by then there was 2 days left to the promo,
what a waste! And we’d brought them early to avoid this!)

PS the man in blue uniform did not look
the least bit disturbed by the fact that this occurred.

So #1 is about being targeted but it’s also very much about the next two points!

#2. It’s cost-effective

Pay Per Click (PPC) to some may seem expensive, but again,
try spending time with printers, calculating ‘leadtimes’ and delivery to response times
and you’ll see just how much more cost effective, targeted and instant
digital online marketing for literally ANY business is!

…with PPC, you can monitor and schedule the amount spent on advertising
and marketing, and tweak that budget to fit your purposes.
PPC and all online advertising has a fluid nature
and that means you can be more flexible with your marketing budget…
decrease or DELETE what’s not working, and tweak the copy and track it again…

Always shifting focus and attention to the more profitable stuff!

You can pause a PPC campaign if you find another social media platform’s testing is working better, and if you’re not getting conversions on the email marketing end, you can tweak the ad and the letters you send.

It’s adaptable and SO ARE YOU.

#3. It’s instant

The beauty of online and digital marketing/advertising programs is this…
it doesn’t end once we leave our home office or go live life…
it will work for you 24 hours a day.

Think about how you can expand yourself into a ‘global marketplace’
and YOU can get your products and services in front of millions of ‘targeted’ people

..and It’s all become so simple, you can use automated services
for instant communication, but always do the tasks that reflect your heart
and belief in your products and services yourself…
people know when they’ve been hit with a ‘bot’ pretty quickly these days,
it just doesn’t feel genuine…

But think about it…
you can sleep and you’re info is in front of thousands,
even millions of people, 24/7

Believe me, I was in the door hanger and direct mail industry…
and you the advertiser waited for an opening on our schedule.

I also worked in the newspaper industry long ago, same thing,
you waited to publish based on their schedule,
not YOURS…so think about how easily you can cut to the chase
and get a targeted offer in front
of the right people today and every day.

The internet isn’t just for MLM’s, affiliate program
and Health & Wellness Industry gurus,
It’s for anyone who wants to build a business online.

…and yes, it’s a lot of work to put together content for a while,
a blog, ads, emailing a list of people who opt in from your ads,
because we know it takes 5-7 exposures
for most people to respond and ACT on buying anything!

oh…and I wanted to offer you a bonus reason : D

**It’s easy

Yes, it’s easy … if you know what you’re doing.
Just like building a house is easy if you’ve got the right tools and knowledge.
There are lots of powerful business tools designed to shorten your learning curve

If you’re looking for further one on one coaching,
I can help you…I offer two types of coaching

1. Success Mindset Coaching, that’s one-on-one
2 days in a row, 3 hours each day … it’s intense and includes
every modality I’ve ever learned that applies to your SPECIFIC needs
It is for those who want to work on their belief in themselves,
their confidence and how to create a life worth living with a business that feels congruent.

2. I know how to get you online so let’s explore exactly what you need
so I can give you the best advice, suggestions and point you to the right tools and offers.

Cheers, till next time,


PS not MLM only affiliate products. I see nothing inherently wrong with MLM’s, I’m currently in the best health and wellness essential oil+ company out there, so if you need advice on the best essential oils to use to shift your energy and(hormonal or belief system driven) moods, let me know,
I’d be happy to suggest and offer you a link to purchase them.

Both types of coaching mentioned above are payable via PayPal to keep it easy, too.


Cheers, till next time,


Cheers, till next time,


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