2 Ways to ELIMINATE Self Doubt & PUMP UP your Mindset

Have you ever had a moment of self doubt?

Oh yeah, um, me neither (nervous laugh : )



Along the way in life…

I definitely have…
and it hasn’t always been easy to overcome.

I put on my bravado face ‘back in the day,’ …

and I have to say that the ‘Fake it Till You Make it’ thing does work …

although now,

I’d call it ‘Play Dress Up Till You Become it’ ….

because you needn’t feel fake…

you’re really just trying on a new way of being, 

and ‘Making it’ is only part of ‘Becoming it’ 

I just didn’t know how to ‘become’ or how to embody ‘IT’ easily…

I knew there had to be more to know, learn and be…


and that’s how I started my lifelong studying of psychology…

and that led to needing to understand the subconscious mind …

and how it works, FOR you …

and at times, AGAINST you…

and then I began work on shifting my entire MINDSET…

and the power to do that would come and go without me actually steering the ship,

so I wasn’t harnessing my minds power purposefully…

Then, I learned about energy, vibration and eventually Abraham Hicks…


Now, I’ll use the term ‘vibrational energy’ …
but if you’re not clear on what energy is (used in this specific way),

or maybe you are not aware of your own energy ‘frequency’ …

let me put it to you this way…

It is the underlying feeling that permeates your atmosphere…

the ‘vibe’ you give off…

Do you feel generally good about yourself, Daily?

Are you carrying around a lot of your past baggage? 

Does your mind and energy drift to past negative events or to the positive events?

and how do you feel about where your life path is going?

Evaluate your answers to those questions honestly…

It can feel like a harsh reality check, ouch,

but isn’t it best to know so you can fix that?

We all have stories to share,

though if you still have negative emotion attached, 

what happened then, well…it could be affecting your ‘vibe’ now

I have learned about always staying in a ‘good place’ …

or ‘in state’ as Tony Robbins refers to it,
(see that blog post here)…
…is to ‘FEED your Positive Mindset’ …


Yes, everyday as in Daily (it pumps you UP : ) …

I know, years ago, I used to feel like that was a lot…

until I actually got it …

that THAT was the missing component on the days,

that my subconscious mind worked AGAINST me!


…because the truth is,

our human minds have to be reminded …

of all things positive,

– and we need to be reminded DAILY.

It helps us:

…to stay motivated, to feel inspired, to keep moving forward…

to fulfill that path we set out for …

when we discovered our WHY…

Our real true motivating reason.

Eliminate Self Doubt about your decision to work for yourself this way

…because, if you have NOT discovered the Why in your life yet….
(stop reading this now : )

Take a sheet of paper and allow yourself to write…

stream of consciousness, that means just do it…

(without editing at all : )

Write down what means the most to you,

WHY you would want to be an online or offline entrepreneur…

 it can be a simple answer…such as…

you want to spend time with family while working flexible hours from home,

or it can be a more complex answer…such as…

… to be free enough financially to start a charity foundation for (name your cause),

write until you establish a Why,

(one that makes you cry, go ahead, no one is watching)


…and start reading books like…


and ‘Start with Why’

and ‘The Power of Intention’

for a half hour everyday…

to keep you on the daily track to actualizing your dreams.

I’ll share this with you and it’s more powerful than you can imagine…

and it’ll help you shed self doubt permanently…

and here is that share:

Shifting your MINDSET is where it ALL begins,
so let’s get you on track for doing exactly that!
For those of you who are in jobs,
IF love what you do…
please carry on, you are already successful ….
because loving what you do is so important.

Peace & Abundance,


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  • Ann Batten

    Self doubt is a silent killer of dreams. These are great tips to get self doubt out of your life. Thanks for the share Zen

    • Zen Devin

      Thanks Ann, yes self doubt is a dream killer, for sure, can’t let that happen : )

  • di

    Love all these books Zen and have gained much from them all.
    And….. yes I have also “suffered” from doubt and self questioning.
    To wake up everyday and know why Im waking up is an amazing gift and one that keeps keeping on

    Thanks Zen

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, Di, when you get your WHY in order, it’s easy to keep on going…! Thanks for reading and commenting : )

  • Helen Lingard

    good to empower our minds with empowering material, great post, thankyou

    • Zen Devin

      I just love the word empower, Helen, and thank you for commenting.

  • Shaun Trewern

    Mindset is Everything! If you don’t have your mindset right, you’ve got nothing right and you’ll go nowhere. Harsh, but true. Great post Zen.

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, harsh but true, must be a believer in yourself! It is everything. Thanks for commenting, Shaun, appreciate you : )

  • Gail Kendig

    These books are the winning formula for sure!! Great Power Packed Post!! I give the 3P thumbs Up!! Power, Packed,Post..hehe

    • Zen Devin

      I like that, Gail, Power Packed. Thank you!

  • Dave Moale

    During the last challenge for Vegas. I read all recommended three books and it did take me a while to read, but found them very much an eye opener. Self doubt was the wedge that stopped me from moving on. And even to this day it still prevents me from doing things that I want to do. Yet I hack away at self doubt, little by little.

    I think I wrote a note to myself probably 20 years ago Zen. So I think I better get back to writing and seeing where I am at. Thank you Zen. Love this.

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, journaling will likely show you that your emotions, including the depths and origin of self doubt, are all fleeting…especially if you want them to flee : ) So happy my writes help you in some way, Dave, thank you for the kind words.

  • Sue Price

    Self doubt is a killler of dreams for sure. I never had much doubt about myself in my traditional businesses but when I came online I was overwhelmed. I am over that now. I llove all the books you have recommended. Thanks for a great post Zen.

    • Zen Devin

      yes, the online world can be a bit overwhelming until you find your groove, thank you for your comment, Sue XOX

  • John Ogrins

    Hello Zen… enjoyed your article. My best take away from your article is that when you find yourself lost and feel doubt creeping in… pick up a good book and start feeding your mind with good stuff!

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, exactly, John….you cannot go wrong if you just fill your mind with positive info! Thanks for coming by to read and comment, Zen

  • Kristin

    I love this!! Great book recommendations and just love the exercises that you mention. My favorite is reframing the old saying to “Play Dress Up Till You Become it” – this is a much kinder version that feels stronger! Thank you.

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, I prefer ‘kinder’ versions of things, it bothers me when people are too harsh on others, we have no idea what’s going on with another person really, so labeling them with anything is something I try not to do. An ‘excuse’ in my view could be a ‘I can’t make it through this day’ in their view, always choose kind and helpful over labeling and blaming/shaming. Thank you for reading and writing! X’s and O’s to ya!

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