11 Epic Personal Fails You do on the Regular!

I do EPIC fails regularly??

Probably…I mean, we ALL have…I definitely have.
(feel any better?) it’s what we do with that ‘epic fail’ info that matters, right?


And … I know you’ll read this …
and think, well, based on these 11 things,
I really do ‘fail’ regularly …
AND epically…

… and I only need to tweak the 11 things to straighten that out? 

The answer: Yes

I know I have said and done things ….
that used to be – hmmm, what you might call …
‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’?!

 I remember clearly …
my father saying that to me …
when I was in my teens.

 I think we all go through it at some point,
hopefully it’s over by the time were in our 20s, am I right?

 Although… often we allow these epic fails to hang around a lot longer..
(like how I included you in MY continued epic fails?)


So what are the 11 epic fails that are holding you and me back?


#1. Your energy may not be in alignment

…with the words that you’re speaking and people feel it.
I used to give people compliments like this …
I’d say, ‘that’s nice but if you did this, this, this and this…it would be even better’
a back handed compliment at best.

Have you ever done that?

I usually did it with good intentions, at least, at the time…
I thought I had good intentions.

But…Are backhanded compliments ever well received?

Check in and ask yourself ‘What’s my intention?’

before speaking…you know, if you can (*smile*)  


#2. You may think you’re being helpful

but you’re technically not …
again, I’ll use the same example, giving backhanded compliments….
is not really offering up a feedback, as you try to convince yourself.

Again, check in and ask yourself ‘What’s my intention?’


#3. You’re carrying a chip on your shoulder

and it’s possible that you allow triggers from your past …
to take you down dark or negative paths…
even when you know it within your conscious mind …
and might even be asking yourself, ‘why am I behaving this way?’


#4. You procrastinate

…you put off till tomorrow,
what you can do today …
because you think ‘it’ is so much bigger than ‘it’ is ….
or you perceive ‘it’ to be a negative thing to do …
or you just don’t want to find the time,
usually it’s a matter of chunking ‘it’ down, whatever IT is…
into smaller doable bits, so you can get it done!


#5. You find excuses

…and some are even legitimate!
This is something we’ve all done,
I’ve done it …
It sounds like this: ‘I can’t find the information’
or ‘I can’t get a babysitter’
or ‘I don’t feel well’

no matter how legitimate they seem or sound…
They do stand in the way of you reaching your goal.

List your excuses on paper, and then go do it anyway.


#6. You’re busy listening to others

They give input about your life and you listen closely…
rather than sitting still with the intention of listening to your own Inner voice …
and discovering how you truly feel…
and more importantly, exploring what you truly want and desire…
and how you can be, do and have it.


#7. Listening to others and BELIEVING them…

Similar to #6 only you actually believe that they’re more right than you…
you give credence to other people’s thoughts and ideas about you,
more than your own thoughts about you.

If you allow it, they will do it.


#8. You believe heavily in this physical reality

and being realistic …
and relying on common sense …
and in being completely and totally – analytical and logical

Feel the energy within you, watch your thoughts,
these are both intangible things and yet…
they run the show!


#9. You go ‘approval seeking’

You tell your life plan to your mother …
to your father …
to your sisters and brothers …
to your friends…
looking for them to give you the ‘go ahead’ …
the nod, the green light…
and often that behavior gets in the way of you being abundant…
of being capable …
of doing what you need to do when you need to do it!


#10. You require immediate gratification

You require immediate signs from the universe, from God,
…that it’s all working for you…right this very second
rather than embodying what you desire…
and allowing it to just be so.


#11. You believe in others

…more than you believe in yourself …
you run around giving words of encouragement to everyone …
but when it comes to standing in the mirror and giving them to yourself,
you fall flat on your face.

Practice looking in the mirror, into your own eyes,
and saying, ‘I love you, *your first name*

Do it 3 times every morning!’

Was I right? Did you read this and think…

yup, I’ve done all those things *sigh*

It’s okay, to err is to be human…
I have done all of these things, too…
that’s why I wanted to write this, because…
if I can shift all of these epic fails, so can you. 

It’s a matter of shifting our thoughts and our energy…


What’s one thing you can do today to shift your thoughts …

and feelings – from ‘epic fail’ to ‘mega-successful’?


Cheers, to your continued SUCCESS (and less epic fails : ),



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    Don’t forget epic fail #12: DENIAL.
    Which applies to anyone that feels like the first 11 are inapplicable to them. LOL.

    • Zen Devin

      Lol, you are too right, John! DENIAL could actually be #1! Thanks for commenting.

  • John Kliewer

    Zen, I like this one about saying “I love you…” in the morning. Words are so powerful, aren’t they? The word ‘No’ for example can have such strong negative impacts that I have come up with some strategies for how to avoid it, especially with children. Read my post What to say?. I think you’ll love the picture too! Thanks for the great post, Zen!

    • Zen Devin

      Thanks for YOUR words, John, and I’ll definitely give your post a read! Appreciate you stopping by for a read : )

  • Kristin

    You have nailed it. And I have to say you got me on many of these. You bring wisdom and I appreciate you being straightforward with some of my own personal fails. First comes acknowledgement….then change. =)

    • Zen Devin

      Yes, Kristin, it’s vital to know that its easy to get caught up in epic fails and then becoming aware (acknowledgement as you said) is KEY to bringing about the thought/energy shift necessary to creating positive change, thanks for commenting!

  • Ken Pickard


    What a post on epic fails. My first read through your post had me beaten up some. Then i went through each point and re-frame myself on how this doesn’t affect me anymore. I think it’s good to know that everyone goes through crap now and then and it’s ok.

    The faster you pick yourself up the jump right back on the horse the quicker you can recover. It’s when we sit in pity of the stupid stuff…or e[ic fails as you call them…then we spiral downward.

    So to answer your question I re-frame situations and stop listening to limiting beliefs. I have replaced any and all stinking thinking with affirmations of awesomeness!

    Ken Pickard The Network Dad
    What is Your Personality Type?

    • Zen Devin

      exactly, Ken, it’s important to know that as humans we do these things and it’s even more important that we segue out of that behavior and thinking pattern asap! Thanks for your input, appreciate you!

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